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In the third film, the three chipmunks, and in part one film debut in the mouse sister who boarded a luxury cruise ship, and began a

Sailing journey full of joy, in bed Irwin became a veritable rascal, sudden, it makes a lot of angry people funny chaos, living alone and talk and even make the desert island, they had to try some of the way to help and home, where the unexpected discovery process in their own piece of the new park, of course, ultimately, the film is meng natural materials showcase their singing and dancing talentAlvin and the Chipmunks 3.


20th Century Fox announced that they will make the "Alvin and the Chipmunks 3" (Alvin and the Chipmunks3D), and the film set at December 16, 2011 release. "Alvin and the Chipmunks" animated TV series adaptation of the same name, the protagonist is the character of three very different but lovely singing, dancing chipmunk, the first two sets so far the film has been made ​​in the world for nearly $ 800 million box office success! But "Alvin and the Chipmunks 3" election schedule than just Paramount and Spielberg's "Tintin: Unicorn's Secret" (The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn) as early as one week, two 3D films released so close time, will inevitably lead to competition on the 3D screen.

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Children's easy to kind of teeth, "deviation" other kinds of teeth 18

In the hospital dentistry, from time to time parents take their children to the hospital requirements kinds teeth Paint.

"18 years of age were not suitable for kinds of teeth, to consider other means of repair." Experts said, because the minors and the maxillary alveolar bone are not yet fully established, this time with the kind of teeth is inevitable in the future development of the jaw, changes in tooth position, implant deviation, resulting in ineffective.

Adolescent children can not endure to 18 years and then kind of teeth? Experts said that children under the age of 18, if you find rotten teeth, missing teeth must be repaired. "Many patients come to dental requirements kinds of teeth, and found the location of missing teeth and gums has a severe atrophy, bone-based variation, was the first bone and then kind of teeth." He said, some patients due to missing teeth too long, there have been inclined adjacent teeth shift, you need to carry out orthodontic treatment orthodontic subjects after the kinds of teeth, the entire course of treatment for a long time, the procedure is more complicated, the difficulty is higher.

For the elderly, in theory, as long as physical condition permits, there is no upper age limit for dental implants, tooth extraction under normal circumstances be able to tolerate surgery patients can implant surgery Interior Design.

Core Tip: missing a tooth, it will affect personal consumption also affects the image. Because dentures, missing teeth fixed porcelain dental restoration and other traditional methods exist limitations, in recent years, dental implant increasingly sought after by people.

Dentist to remind the children of missing teeth, teeth should not be the preferred species. Kinds of teeth more necessary to develop good oral hygiene habits, otherwise it will make teeth abortive.

Types of dental benefits: no need to neighbor "borrowing"

"The biggest advantage is that implants do not 'drag' good teeth, chew more efficiently." Expert said. Traditional dental needs with missing teeth to the two adjacent healthy teeth, "leveraging", put up a "fixed bridge" to support dentures. Leveraging the two natural teeth to be ground is small, bear false teeth when chewing pressure to pass to the passage of time, when natural teeth can no longer bear the task of supporting dentures, you need to continue to find strong point adjacent natural teeth, This "fixed bridge," the more you need to take longer, the final "drag" missing teeth and adjacent healthy teeth Relocation Company.

While the majority of tooth loss and even tooth fall out or can not find full-mouth dental health "borrowing" of patients, because they can not build a fixed bridge can only loaded dentures. But dentures in appearance, comfort, chewing function, and so is not satisfactory. Thus, the implant provides for such patients an alternative.

Current dental implant is dentistry that is dental preferred method because it does not involve adjacent teeth, can be as real teeth, as rooted in the patient's mouth, than conventional denture is more secure; and dental implant and natural tooth biomechanical principles similar to can be the same as natural teeth to chewing pressure through artificial cultivation of the "root" pass to the bone, they are able to withstand the powerful force that can bite some of the more hard food, chewing efficiency than the traditional dentures greatly improved.

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Against Denmark, Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale people think of the Kingdom of the Metropolitan, the small Nordic country or a "happy land", on many occasions as "the world's most happy country." Journalist Living in Denmark for many years, felt the people of Denmark life.

All are decorated master

On the rich, Denmark may not neighbors Norway; of health, may be smaller than that of another neighbor Sweden. Danish people are happy because their lives are very simple is also very pure, usually is not the pursuit of fame and fortune, not the status and wealth, but little enjoyment of life. It can be said that each of the Danish people are the people will enjoy life. Denmark's a lot of statutory holidays, especially in spring and summer will holiday, summer sun so that each person ecstatic Denmark, they do not enjoy a long day night, at daylight bathing beaches and green space, to them it is The biggest meets. And friends gathering together, a person to go on holiday. Lot of the museum free of charge each week open to the public, the annual Oktoberfest, Jazz Week, Carnival, cultural nights and so on, people frequently give Denmark provides a happy space to enjoy.

Long and the lack of sunshine in the winter, the Danish people are not idle, they will try to grasp interior decoration, the reporter found that almost every household in Denmark are arranged genius, put yourself exceptionally warm interior layout.

Buy flowers will not be ambiguous

Danish people's consumption concept is also very special, and most people will not spend a lot of clothing, brand name jewelry and valuables to them is not important, but they eat and drink at very willing to spend money on, so the streets everywhere Denmark restaurants bars and cafes Hall, not almost no seat reservations, especially at a time when wages hair, in front of each teller machines are full of people, this time the restaurant bar is a very good business, which are happily eating the whole men and women. From them, it is difficult to identify those who have money who has the status, because to enjoy the feelings are the same.

Denmark flowers are also very many shops, train stations and small-goods shop can buy flowers, even though the prices of flowers are not cheap, and put a small Rose yuan to 70 yuan to 100 yuan, the flower should be the cheapest for nearly 30 per usually buy flowers or the people flocked to buy flowers usually have to queue up on weekends. Denmark people prefer to save in other places, buy flowers is no ambiguity, because flowers are happy additive Living necessary to decorating flowers.

Denmark Friend told reporters, in fact, Happiness is a very simple matter, not with other people than just enjoy their life. Of people in Denmark is divided into 369 and so on are non-existent. No one shows their own money, status or academic qualifications, Denmark people never comparison, not jealous nor inferiority. Rich people are not high, poor people will not lower one-third of people. No matter what kind of occupation, will not generate the level of sub-or low. Now willing to do their own make, and enjoy the present life, rather than give themselves a five-year plan, ten-year program, nor will the next generation to develop a goal in life, letting nature take its course completely.

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Flowering period: by the end of March to the end of April  化妝

Recommend reasons: Land of Peach Blossoms are described by the Eastern Jin Dynasty poet Tao Yuan-ming's paradise, though it is fictional, but it has its place, it is located in Taoyuan County, Hunan Province. The annual Spring March 28 held, peach blossoms in full bloom in March, when, where peach hijab,million trees, such as texture on the Yun Brocade is intoxicated. Yangchun in March, the Peach Blossom Spring garden competition open, pink, white, light red, plain, red, scattered white, flowers, spring deep blow against our faces. Toh-Ka-Lin stroll along the cobblestone paths, bridges an immediate picture appears, which is, the bridge is called poor-lam bridge, small and,single arch spanning the river. New Green Taohong, as if to place a hole cents.

Information stations

Accommodation: Changde city has Taolin hotels, guesthouses Chi Yuen, are two stars, in addition to Huayun hotels, Tak Fai hotels, guesthouses and other Changde, better conditions for the Hotel Inter-standard price of more than 200 yuan. If you want to live in Utopia, there are hostels and guesthouses, but less conditions. 化妝課程

Food: In addition to, local cuisine are rice and Changde, eating up lubrication delicious, unique flavor.

To the Southland Taoyuan, except to enjoy the flowers, the natural ecology of protected areas - blue lake paradise Egretry also should not be missed. Brought together thousands of egrets egrets paradise of blue lake is a great landscape, where the habitat of tens of thousands of egrets, they sometimes jump wings drum, and sometimes play chase, sometimes vacated, sometimes leisurely Haneda justification English the fun .

Both sides of the road, the peach blossoms in full bloom everywhere. Between heaven and earth the pink, this pink infiltration of the cheeks, felt happy.新娘化妝

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Ferry brave the wind and waves move towards the city in the distance like a mystery - Venice. I was standing on the deck of the ship, the sea covered with a misty fog will be blurred in the distance the island's dreamy.


My friend took the hands of a small mask is just in the port of Venice, Shop bought. There are a lot of Carnival masks for sale. Venice Carnival in February each year, the first to celebrate the end of winter. The traditional festival was finally able to resume. It is said that Venice's traditional masks, an important function is to make the identity of those people who can be anywhere and they like people to do anything without being discovered. Italy is full of around the romantic style.

Venice's Piazza San Marco, the crowds surging in the stream at the foot of the crowd, a group of pigeons to move leisurely group than those who look around too much mouth of the tourists, more like they are the masters here. The hospitality of the owner of the guests is clear. Europe's tradition of being not Guangchang Ge. And they were permanently live in harmony seems to be greater than the degree of intimacy between people. A moment, I am happy eyeful side are ups and downs of flying pigeons, went so far as to forget the San Marco Cathedral in front of the charm and glory.

St. Mark's Cathedral in front of me near. Yu Si Meng little bit of air from the sky falling in the St. Mark's Cathedral, the magnificent dome above. No sun, the air shed light depression. The construction 5,000,000 in the wood piles on top of the church of San Marco store the bodies. It is said that this is the remains of a Venetian from the hands of Alexander the Great scramble. They wrapped the pig bodies in order to prepare for the coveted Muslims. But Ma disciples of Jesus, every Christian is a matter of reading the Bible, "Mark" author. Looking on the rise, the highest point at the main entrance of the church under a blue sky with a lion's Mark Gold logo clearly visible. Legend has it that Mark missionary work by boat through here, there is still a desolate and uninhabited land. Mark was the ship ran aground in a storm. When he was bogged down in an impasse, heard the voice of an angel: "Mark, do you co-exist with the Venice" From then on, Mark became the patron saint of Venice. Venice is a sign of a lion with a 1 marks the Gospel. I see a lot of buildings are a sign of this carving. 化妝課程

The front side of the church is the color Anhong San Marco bell tower. Its tall steeple into another Venice, gloomy sky. The tallest building in Venice, nearly 96 meters high. Doves flying from time to time over its waist. Enron it fixed.

Venice is not the only motor city. It is the transport of large and small vessels. These vessels in the dense web of water Xiang Li, under the windows of every household in quietly through the.

Venice, you have your beautiful. Your beauty of the need to stay quietly in the early morning or evening, visitors to walk in the absence of a noisy street or a small bridge, or on the Lanzhou alone, quietly through 100 years old in front of Lane, on its own thin Taste, sentiment may be one or two.

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 Lijiang ancient city in general is no different from the wall, is said to be at that time because of the name-Tusi, was trapped under siege, which made taboo wall.

The beauty of the ancient city is still in its geographical location and natural and Society, 30 km northwest of the ancient city is 5596 meters above sea level, has not yet been conquered by humans and the Yulong Snow Mountain glacier in the fourth world heritage. Jade Spring water in the Western and Central, East of the three main areas into the city is divided into a number of branch so that the water network and Wuhuadanpu on the road network are intertwined, there is "every spring around the poem Yong, Yang households down into the drawing" Miao . Attracted many Chinese and foreign architects praise, known as "Suzhou plateau", "Oriental Venice" reputation. It is the world's only living hieroglyphs - as the essence of the text of Dongba culture of Naxi deep history of his plot crystallization of the Chinese nation and the world's cultural heritage rare. All along, many tourists at home and abroad was the ancient city, attracted by snow-capped mountains, the territory, in the ancient natural, elegant quiet away in the ancient city.


Square Street in Old Town of Lijiang for a major study on behalf of the town, nearly 800-year history, located in the Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County in the central, is a Naxi ancient inhabitants of the main cities and towns. It's simple in its style and layout of the scientific world-famous art.

Research is a large town of the ancient city, in the Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, as a result of the shape of a large jasper named Yan (Yan with the same sound research). An area of about 1.4 square kilometers. It was founded in the early Late Song (12 AD to the end of the century in the early 13th century), the Institute without walls around the town, according to legend because of the hereditary ruler of ancient Lijiang were named wood, building walls, wood I would add the word "storm" Geely is not the word, the ancient town wall did not. The ancient city of Lijiang, Yunnan was one of the most famous business center, is the history of Tea Horse Road, an important hub in Northwest Yunnan is also the political and economic center.


Large study to the town's famous Square Street as the center, to the shape of the radiation was around the layout of streets in all directions Lane, for not straight, but are fluent, and Wu Hua stone laying of the road and more mud is not the rainy season, dry clean, clear Jade Spring water from the city into the first Sancha Lane had Chuanjie, a city the size of the Ming-Qing period stone arch bridge, Shibanqiao 300, there is a lot of emissions. Square Street to the entire city as the center, streets arranged in an orderly manner to the development of the Quartet. Civil structure of the city's residential tile-roofed house, antique, is retained so far China's ancient architecture of a valuable asset. .

Residents of the town, about more than 4200 households, where Yishanbangshui residential areas built around all through the spring, the water bending, many small bridge. Square Street is also a trade fair venue for the market every day, the sale of department stores, meat, vegetables, butter, herbs, antiques, and so on. December 4, 1997, Lijiang was approved by the UNESCO as "world cultural heritage" city.


Research big city: the Old Town of Lijiang, as a result of four weeks around the Castle Peak, the clean water in the town of Ying Ying, Yan like a big party jasper and named "the town of inquiry"; tour at the time; in the ancient city on foot only; Tickets: 80 yuan (ancient city Maintenance on July 1, 2007 is raised to 80 yuan).







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